Business Networking Group
in Colorado Springs

Exclusive Business Networking Group in Colorado Springs

Delivering incredible value to our members and our local community by creating an environment where trust thrives and business flourishes

Elevating Businesses to New Heights

Supporting the local business community by sharing knowledge, building relationships, and establishing trust

Feature Presentations

In these sessions, one member educates the group on their business

Getting to Know You

One member each week is given the opportunity to share anything about their life outside of work


The encouragement session educates the members about leadership, motivation,  and achieving goals.

Pikes Peak Pros Board Members

Steve Fisher President of Pikes Peak Pros

Supporting each other to help leaders reach their goals

Business growth is achieved through:

  • Being present and in the moment

  • Educating each other

  • Building trust among peers

  • Asking questions to learn more about others

  • Encouraging each other

  • Offering feedback for reflection, improvement, and growth